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What is LiveText?

LiveText is a web-based software application designed to aid in the development of portfolios, course assignments, and standards or outcomes based projects. LiveText will allow you, your instructors and peers to collaborate on classroom assignments as well as track your progress on meeting program outcomes.

How to Use LiveText

LiveText is accessed online at and a membership is required for all students enrolled in College of Education and Human Development programs (see your course syllabi for program technology requirements). See information below about setting up a LiveText account.

What are some of the Benefits of LiveText?

  • Your LiveText account is your online space to develop and share your academic achievements both within and outside of your institutional community.
  • LiveText provides unlimited storage of your academic materials in an online environment that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • The assessment features of LiveText can allow your instructors to provide you specific feedback on your work through comments embedded in your work or standards/outcomes based rubrics that clearly define the expectations for your work.
  • LiveText portfolios can be customized to document your own professional and academic achievements to share with potential employers.

How do I set up my LiveText account?

IMPORTANT! After purchasing your membership to LiveText, be sure to enter your 7-digit student ID number to complete the registration for your account. Your student ID will connect you to the courses in which you are enrolled and the appropriate course assignments posted to your LiveText account.

A student membership may be purchased from LiveText online or purchased in person at the UofL Bookstore. NOTE: Since December 1, 2015, the charge for membership has been $115.
The membership charge will increase to $139 on August 15, 2018.

Purchasing online simply requires a credit card and your UofL email address. Your account will be active at the completion of your purchase, but you must log in to the account to complete the registration, following the prompt to input your 7-digit UofL ID number.

If you purchase your account through the UofL bookstore, you will receive a registration code to enter in an online form on the LiveText website.
NOTE: Only use this link if you have purchased your account through the bookstore.

How long will my LiveText account last?

A LiveText account is active for five years. If you need LiveText beyond the length of the initial membership you can renew your account at a discounted rate for one, two or three-year periods.

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