Request to Re-Enroll

University of Louisville

Request to Re-Enroll


This form is to be completed by students who were not enrolled during the immediate past semester and who wish to continue in the school and program in which they were last registered. Students whose last enrollment status was visitor, high school visitor, conditional, or who were dismissed must use an admission application form. Students who have not been enrolled with the University for a period of more than 2 calendar years must also re-apply through Office of Admissions.  For an Undergraduate Admissions application, click here, for a Graduate Admissions application, click here.  
Information provided on this form is provisional and is subject to change after audit. Changes may affect your residency classification for fee assessment purposes. Use of this form does not assure you of the classification indicated, nor does it release you from the obligation to pay additional fees if a residency audit results in a higher assessment than the one made at registration. Please read the affidavit statement before signing at the bottom of this form.

Semester for which request to re-enroll is being made:

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Last Attended U of L: (Select 0ne)


Date of Birth
What was your classification for fee purposes when last enrolled at U of L?
(If Non-Resident desiring change, complete Residency Petition Form)

Have you been a resident of another state since your last enrollment at U of L?
(You will be classified as a non-resident pending review of the Residency Petition by the University Residency Office

Have you enrolled at another college since your last enrollment at U of L?
(If Yes, complete lines A & B below)

B) Did you enroll there as a visiting student?
(If no, and you are an undergraduate student, you must re-apply through the Office of Admissions.)

I understand that I am to be allowed to register provisionally based upon my assertion that the above information is accurate and true; and that should such information not be valid, my registration will be canceled. Fees will be based on a tentative residency evaluation and will be subject to change.