About the College of Education and Human Development

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The Mission of the College of Education and Human Development

The College of Education and Human Development embraces the University's mission as a metropolitan research university committed to advancing the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of our diverse communities and citizens. We promote the highest levels of learning and social, emotional, and physical health and well-being for all children, individuals, and families. Our programs enhance the organizations and communities in which they grow and develop.

Our mission is to advance knowledge and understanding across our disciplines and constituencies and to develop educational leaders who will inform policy, improve practice, strengthen communities, and address pressing social concerns. We prepare students to be exemplary professional practitioners and scholars; to generate, use, and disseminate knowledge about teaching, learning, health promotion and disease prevention, and leadership in public and private sector organizations; and to collaborate with others to solve critical human problems in a diverse global community. We seek to continually improve the quality of life for all in our metropolitan community, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the nation.

Vision of the College of Education and Human Development

Our vision for the College of Education and Human Development is to be a top-tier national Metropolitan College of Education in teaching, scholarship, and stewardship. We will respond to the needs of our constituents, including school districts, local agencies, and organizations that seek to advance education and human development.

History of the College


Founded in 1968, the College of Education and Human Development serves to prepare students for leadership in a variety of educational settings. Its students fill classrooms, school counselors offices, and educational administrative offices. Those who graduate impact businesses and social service agencies, as well as private practitioners.