What is the Teaching and Learning Career Pathway Program?

The University of Louisville (UofL), College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) are collaborating to offer the Teaching and Learning Pathway Program in Kentucky high schools. This pathway provides high school students an opportunity to enroll in college-level courses that introduces them to teaching. This Career Pathway allows students to explore teaching as a career before graduating from high school.

Students in the program have opportunities to observe and work with children in classrooms. Students will design and plan lessons, while learning about varying teaching styles, policies that have shaped education, and laws impacting schools. They will also understand the importance of creating a positive classroom community, and how to address the needs of diverse learners, and much more.

While in grades 9 through 12 students may complete three classes, or nine credit hours, that can apply toward a bachelor’s degree in elementary education or middle and secondary education at the University of Louisville. In addition, the first course, EDTP 201, The Teaching Profession, also meets a UofL general education requirement in the social and behavioral science area.

The Teaching and Learning Career Pathway familiarizes students with teaching as a profession, and catapults their college education at an economical tuition rate substantially lower than current tuition rates at higher education institutions in Kentucky and other states.

UofL is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities and as a result, the course credit earned could be transferrable to other accredited colleges and universities.

Haley BurksMy thoughts during the first class of the U of L Teaching and Learning Pathway program were on the fence about if I even wanted to become a teacher or not. After being introduced to the teaching world, by the middle of the second class, my mind had been made. I love being in a classroom environment and working with students; this is the career I want to pursue and I absolutely cannot wait!” -Haley Burks, Senior, Bullitt East High School