The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (often referred to as FERPA, or the Buckley Amendment) requires that students have the right to inspect and review most education records maintained about them by the University of Louisville, and, in many cases, decide whether or not a third party may obtain information from them. No one will have access to a student's education records, nor will their contents be disclosed, without the written consent of the student, except as provided by the Act.

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Policies and Procedures - FERPA

General Counsel - FERPA

General Counsel - FERPA - Guidelines to Protect the Privacy of Student Records

General Counsel - FERPA - Notification of Students Privacy Rights Under FERPA

To avoid violations of FERPA rules:

  • DO NOT post students' grades in any form or listing in public. Use Blackboard to post student grades.
  • DO NOT ever link the name of a student with that student's social security number or student identification number in any public manner.
  • DO NOT leave graded tests in public for students to pick up.
  • DO NOT circulate a printed class list with the student name and social security number or student identification number as an attendance roster.
  • DO NOT discuss the progress of any student with anyone other than the student (including parents).
  • DO NOT provide anyone with lists of students enrolled in your classes for any commercial purpose.
  • DO NOT provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone in finding a student on campus. Inquiries should be directed to the Registrar's Office (502) 852-6522 or after business hours to Public Safety (502) 852-6111.