CEHD Data Dashboard

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) focuses on the use of data as part of continuous improvement processes. The data provided below represent a snapshot summary of survey reports, state data reports, and teacher candidate performance assessment data. Data for the Dashboard are acquired from sources including the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB); Kentucky Department of Education (KDE); Educational Testing Service (ETS); and the University of Louisville Office of Academic Planning and Accountability. We have provided links to these data to assist prospective and current students, faculty, accrediting bodies, the public, and researchers. Please contact the Academic Affairs and Unit Effectiveness team at the CEHD, 502-852-6411, before including in reports or research.

Before proceeding

If the reports do not go directly to the University of Louisville data, the drop-down menu for a list of institutions is located in the top right corner of the page. Please note: The Data Dashboard should be viewed in the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. Many of the reports will not display correctly in Internet Explorer.

CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

The information contained in the CAEP Annual Reporting Measures is a work in progress.

EPSB Data Dashboard

The information contained in the EPSB Data Dashboard is maintained by the Kentucky Department of Education.


Admissions GPA

PRAXIS II Test Reports

Top 25% and First Time Pass Rates

Title II Program Completers

Title II Program Completers Assessments Pass Rates

Employment Retention Rates

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Number of Program Completers, Statements of Eligibility, Provisional Certificates, Professional Certificates

Employment Information on Program Completers

Employment of CEHD Initial Teacher Certification Program Completers by Kentucky County 2013-14