Undergraduate Student Advising

Welcome to the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)! Our team of academic advisors is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing you with consistent and accurate academic support. The undergraduate advising team is located in the Education Building, Room 140. Please contact the EASS office at 502-852-5597 or edadvise@louisville.edu.

Undergraduate advising requirements are specific to your academic major.
Please select your department/major below for more specific information and resources:

Health and Sport Sciences Advising

If you are currently majoring in Health and Human Performance (Exercise Science, Physical Education, and/or Public Health Education) or Sport Administration, please select from the following menu of advising options. If you are uncertain of which option is most appropriate for you, . . .

Teacher Education Advising
Teacher Education

New freshmen and external transfer students (students currently attending another institution) must submit an undergraduate application for admission to the University of Louisville.
Students applying with less than 24 credit hours will be required. . .

Organizational Leadership & Learning

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL), is designed for working professionals who have at least five years of work experience. This program will combine your prior college credits and your work experience while enhancing your skills in leading people . .

Graduate Students

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon admission to the College of Education and Human Development. Faculty advisors provide guidance regarding course requirements, practicum and internship information, research and dissertation development, funding opportunities and questions related to the program requirements.

Graduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising and Student Development

Find more information regarding student support and services at the following web page!

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To find your academic advisor's name and contact information, please log into ulink.louisville.edu. Click on the "Student Services" tab and then scroll down to the "Undergraduate Advising" section. Click on "Student Center."