CEHD Graduate Assistantships

The College of Education and Human Development offers three types of graduate assistantships providing financial support and career enhancing skills. An assistantship differs from a scholarship because you will engage in work related to your degree when you have an assistantship. At a minimum, you will work 20 hours per week in either a teaching, research, or administrative capacity.

Apply for Available CEHD Assistantships: https://louisville.edu/education/financialaid/assistantships/ga-application

CEHD Graduate Assistant Policies and Procedures 

Graduate Assistants(GA), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) and University Fellows are responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures of the University’s Graduate School) concerning graduate assistants. A link to those policies is at http://graduate.louisville.edu 

Graduate Assistants (GA), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA), and University Fellows:

  • Must be enrolled in a Graduate Degree program.
  • Must maintain good standing in his/her program with a 3.0 or higher on a 4-point scale.
  • Must carry a Full-Time (FT) course load during each semester. See below.
    • (FT) - A minimum of 9 hours in the fall and a minimum of 9 hours in the spring semesters.
    • (FT) - A maximum of 12 hours in the fall and a maximum of 12 hours in the spring semesters.
    • (FT) - A maximum of 6 hours in the summer semester - GA/GTA’s must take 6 summer hours. Any hours greater than 6 hours in summer are the financial responsibility of the student.
    • Fees incurred due to late registration are the responsibility of the GA/GTA.
    • A doctoral student who reaches candidacy (completes qualifying examinations) and registers for his/her candidacy hours (2 hours) is considered registered as a full-time student.
    • Full-time status is evaluated on a semester-by-semester basis only. Courses do not carry over from other semesters.
    • GA/GTA must report to the Research Office immediately any change in course load.

NOTE: As of June 2020, GA stipends will cover tuition for online courses for Graduate Assistants who are enrolled in traditional, in-person programs. The University will not provide assistantships for students in 100% fully online graduate degree programs.

Graduate Assistants and Graduate Teaching Assistants

  • CEHD GA/GTA positions are provided tuition remission for full time enrollment in fall/spring terms and 6 hours of course work in the summer term. GA/GTA positions receive a monthly stipend of $1500 ($18,000/annually) for 12 months. Student health insurance benefits are also included for the GA/GTA positions.
  • Tuition remission does not cover other “Fees” as required by the University.
  • Must work the required 20 hours of work a week. Supervisors and GA/GTA’s are to document this work.
  • Prior to the GA/GTA performing any additional duties at the university beyond the 20 hours of work associated with the assistantship, approval must be obtained first by the CEHD Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and then by the Dean of the Graduate School. This rule applies to work with or without additional pay.
  • GA /GTA’s positions are eligible for one year. Renewability pending the availability of funding and satisfactory performance are as follows: A Master’s Degree Candidate can receive a maximum of 2 years of support. A Doctoral Degree Candidate can receive a maximum of 3 years of support. Each assistantship will be reviewed annually for both continuance and assignment.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) must also participate in Graduate GTA orientation typically offered in the summer prior to the start of fall classes by the Graduate School.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) will be supervised and evaluated on their teaching assignments.
  • Grant-supported GA/GTAs will be calculated within the grant budget. The Graduate Assistantship will cease when the grant ends.
  • Must complete the two (2) Compliance Trainings listed below:
    1. Conflict of Interest Training – Yearly –  https://iris.louisville.edu/
    2. CITI Training - http://louisville.edu/research/humansubjects/InvestigatorInfo/investigator-info/training/citi-training

For Current GA/GTAs & Their Supervisors: