Business Solutions Home Page

This section will contain information associated with common questions, concerns, and issues related to business management and oversight, such as:

  1. Mail and Shipping - We are making a concerted effort not to duplicate information that may be provided elsewhere on the University of Louisville website(s). Canon is the University-contracted provider for mail and shipping services. CEHD business-related staff are the subject matter experts in their respective areas of CEHD and should be the first line of support for anyone requiring assistance with mailing and shipping. CEHD business-related staff should make contact with Canon Print and Mail on behalf of faculty and administrators; neither faculty nor administrators should be asked to contact Canon on their own. Canon Print and Mail Services website URL is and they are the contact for USPS, UPS, FEDEX or other shipping needs and questions. Should mail or campus procedures change, be modified, or service schedules be adjusted in observation of holidays or other closures, this information would be posted at the Canon website and readily available to access.
  2. Reconciliations – this subpage will give detail on QuickBooks (or whatever the college's current shadow accounting system is) and items related to the reconciliation process.
  3. Pro Card – this subpage will give detail on all things pro card related – policies, application and training, documentation, and reallocation and reconciliation of transaction. There will also be a link to the university's pro card office website.
  4. Purchasing – this subpage will give detail on the purchasing process – how to determine which procurement method to use in purchasing a commodity, goods, or services; how to read the procure-to-pay grid; purchase order vs. payment request vs pro card; payments to individuals.
  5. Cost Sharing on Externally Sponsored Programs – this subpage will provide information to assist the department in managing direct cost share; the University extends these requirements to both federally and non-federally sponsored programs.
  6. Agreements with external entities – this subpage will give detail on the policies and procedures related to various types of agreements between the units and external entities, such as MOAs, MOUs, Service Agreements, Personal Services Contracts, etc.
  7. Controller's Office – this subpage will be a link to the university's controller's office webpage.
  8. Business Operations Portal – this subpage will be a link to the university's business operations webpage.

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