How can employers benefit from an apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships are employer-driven. Thus, employers play a critical role in driving apprenticeship program design, hiring, training and mentorship. MAPS Apprenticeships provide employers with an opportunity to:

  • Grow their own talent - recruit new talent or upskill the incumbent workforce
  • Create structured on-the-job training experiences
  • Affect the company's bottom line through increased retention (92%) and return on investment ($1.47 ROI)
  • Set their company apart by investing in their talent development which can increase productivity, improve company culture, and boost employee satisfaction

Employer Process

Employers partnering with MAPS can choose from two apprenticeship models: Academic Apprenticeships that utilize academic curriculum and capitalizes on existing work-based learning structures and Community-based Apprenticeships that utilize standalone curriculum and credentials.

Once an employer chooses the model that is the right fit for their company, below is an outline of the next steps:

1) Academic Apprenticeship 

= Potential full-time employment

2) Community-based Apprenticeship 

= Potential full-time employment

There are no costs associated with apprenticeship development.

Registration Process

After you have cemented the structure of the apprenticeship program, we will work with you to facilitate the registration process through 
the Department of Labor which will allow you to further capitalize on the benefits of apprenticeships.

Step 1) Sign paperwork (RA standards form, Appendix D and RAPIDS registration form)

Step 2) Complete occupation registration (if applicable)

Step 3) Submit apprenticeship registration application to the U.S. Department of Labor

As a Registered Intermediary, the MAPS Program assists employers throughout the entire registration process.

There are no costs associated with the registration. 

Our Employer Partners


MAPS is currently partnering with over 100 employers that are interested or engaged in the apprenticeship development process.


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