MAPS Overview


What is the MAPS Program?

The Modern Apprenticeship Pathways to Success (MAPS) Program is a Department of Labor grant project that seeks to develop and expand apprenticeships in Healthcare, Information Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing to train, upskill, and reskill the local workforce.  

Our mission: 
The Modern Apprenticeship Pathways to Success (MAPS) Program serves as a driver of establishing paid, structured work-based learning opportunities that culminate in industry-recognized credentials in the realm of post-secondary education by providing wrap-around resources, support, and connections to individuals interested in these opportunities in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care, and Information Technology.

Our vision: 
The Modern Apprenticeship Pathways to Success (MAPS) Program will be at the forefront of connecting industry partners with a qualified workforce through the establishment of structured work-based learning opportunities in the realm of post-secondary education through the development and implementation of the structures and support necessary to build sustainable partnerships between industry and educational partners.

Our goals:

      1. Expand work-based learning experiences and develop academic pathways into apprenticeship programs for careers within healthcare, 
        information technology, and advanced manufacturing. 
      2. Enroll and support women, underrepresented minorities, and military-connected individuals.
      3. Create a toolkit for the development of apprenticeships at higher education institutions and other organizations. 

Additionally, this project will be leveraged to fuel innovative research serving to expand our collective knowledge of experiential learning.

Our partners:
MAPS works closely with partners in the Kentucky Community and Technical College system. These partnerships allow MAPS to build off of existing apprenticeship infrastructure, reach more individuals that can benefit from these opportunities, and diversify the programs we can offer by building off of existing curriculum on each of our partners campus’. Our partners are integral in MAPS' success.



What is an apprenticeship program?

Apprenticeships are employer-driven, earn-and-learn experiences used to recruit, train, and retain a skilled workforce. They combine classroom learning, on-the-job application, and mentorship in a paid experience that leads to a relevant credential, all in a safe working environment. All registered apprenticeship programs include the following five components:


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Grant award number: HG-34348-20-60-A-21| Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Sun
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