How can educators benefit from an apprenticeship? 

Educators play an integral role in aligning curriculum and competencies. Knowing the theory behind the application is just as important as knowing the processes involved in the application for today’s workforce. MAPS educators are resources for workforce innovation as well as leaders in modernizing work-based learning.


  • Strengthen existing industry partnerships and provide opportunities to make new connections
  • Enhance student success inside and outside of the classroom
  • Create additional pipelines to recruit and enroll new students 
  • Require little to no additional time investment 

Competency Mapping Process

The MAPS Program has developed the competency mapping process to demonstrate alignment between academic curriculum and occupational competencies. We engage program faculty, as subject matter experts, to determine which courses in their curriculum address the competencies of related occupations to build academic apprenticeships.

Our Subject Matter Experts

Employer Engagement:

  • Mary Andrade, Subject Matter Expert, Co-operative Education and Employer Engagement
  • Paige Erhart, Subject Matter Expert, Experiential Learning and Employer Engagement

Competency Mapping:

  • Hui Zhang, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Andrew L. Wright, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Computer Information Systems
  • Robert W. Cohn, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kevin D. Murphy, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tammi Alvey Thomas, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Public Health
  • Sandeep Goyal, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, Business Analytics


  • Randy Whetstone Jr., Ed.D., Subject Matter Expert, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Ann Herd, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, EEO and Workplace Safety
  • Deborah Dalzell-Murphy, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert, EEO and Workplace Safety
  • Nathan Love, Subject Matter Expert, Professional Development

Our Education Partners


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