M.A.T. in Health and Physical Education

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The Master of Arts in Teaching Health and Physical Education degree provides initial PK-12 certification in health and physical education.

The Department of Health and Sport Sciences is committed to the highest standards of professional preparation. Our programs have sought and received national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Graduates of initial teacher certification programs at the University of Louisville begin their teaching careers secure in the knowledge that they have been prepared for the real world of classrooms through a rigorous teacher preparation program.

The degree offers school-based methods courses in the fall semester (August-December) in health and physical education for grades PK-12. During the spring semester candidates complete 15 weeks of student teaching at both the elementary and secondary levels, a weekly seminar class and an action research project.

The program's schedule coincides with that of the public schools. Candidates progress through the program in a cohort group. The program is full-time. Classes in the fall semester are offered during the day. Student teaching in the spring is completed during the day. Two required graduate courses are offered in the evenings.

The goal of the MAT is to assist students to become dedicated and effective PK-12 health and physical education teachers for diverse teaching settings.

Prerequisite Courses

Fall Semester CoursesSpring Semester Courses
HSS 200 – Intro to Health EducationHSS 326 – Movement Skills & Concepts in PE
HSS 270 – Intro to Physical EducationHSS 327 – Invasion and net games
HSS 271 – Teaching Physical Education HSS 328 – Target and fielding games
HSS 384 – Program Planning in Health Education HSS 455 – Current Trends in Health Education

Samantha Pitts

The Physical Education and Health Program at UofL was a very supportive environment with great resources and opportunities. The courses were very thorough and challenged each student to really work on increasing their skill set. They encouraged us to create a culture of respect for Health and Physical Education by having rigorous lesson plans and including higher-level learning. Best of all the professors are on your side and they do everything they can to assist you in any way. You will graduate with a whole new family by your side.

- Samantha Pitts, Physical and Health Educator, Central High School


Kentucky certification in grades PK-12 in Physical Education and Health.


For details about curriculum information, visit the Graduate Catalog.

Candidates to initial teacher certification programs are required to submit credentials supporting their academic ability, creativity and collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills, positive disposition, and commitment to the teaching profession. These credentials include test scores, transcripts, writing samples, and letters of recommendation which support the candidate's ability to succeed in a rigorous teacher education program. Competitive candidates will be invited to a formal, faculty interview.

This program is open to all eligible candidates regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age.

Candidates for admission should review the following which outline the expectations of the teaching profession:

  1. Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel [PDF]
  2. CEHD Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement [PDF]
  3. Character and Fitness Questionnaire [PDF]
  4. Professional Dispositions Rubric [PDF]
  5. Diversity Rubric [PDF]
  6. Effective Written Communication Rubric [PDF]


Questions about the application should be directed to teacher@louisville.edu. Candidates will be notified via e-mail regarding the admission decision no later than six weeks after the application deadline. Applicants who are selected for admission will receive information about a mandatory orientation session.

Application Deadline: April 1st

Please note: If the application deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will accept the admission portfolio on the Monday after the deadline by 5:00 p.m.

Admission Criteria

Candidates who meet the following criteria may be eligible to apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Candidates considering application to the MAT program should contact the MAT admissions counselor(teacher@louisville.edu) prior to applying for admission. (UofL undergraduate students, with a major in Health and Human Performance - Physical Education Teacher Preparation, should direct questions to Dr. Carla Vidoni carla.vidoni@louisville.edu.)

Admission is competitive. Candidates who meet minimum academic requirements are not guaranteed admission to the program.

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  1. Application to Graduate School/MAT Program. This should be completed three to four weeks prior to the application deadline.
  2. Passing Test Scores
    Please note:
    when submitting test scores through ETS, use the general University of Louisville code, 1838.
  3. Praxis II Content Exam(s)
  4. Bachelor's Degree from Accredited College or University with a Minimum 2.75 Grade Point Average (official transcripts required). If you are a current UofL student, you do not need to submit transcripts!
  5. Prerequisite Course Requirements
  6. Oral Communication Proficiency
  7. Written Communication Proficiency
  8. Professional Writing Requirements
  9. Letters of Recommendation
  10. Students for whom English is not their primary language must show English language proficiency by successfully completing one of the following: Note: International students who have earned a degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. are not required to complete the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo.


Dr. Carla Vidoni, Program Director
Department of Health and Sport Sciences
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY – 40292
Email: carla.vidoni@louisville.edu
Phone: 502-852-8844

Health & Physical Education Faculty

Opportunities for Graduates

Students who graduate from the MAT enter careers in PK-12 teaching in health and physical education.

Physical Education and School Health students who have completed the MAT program have consistently secured jobs as physical educators or health educators in a variety of schools in Jefferson Co. Public Schools, Oldham Co. Public Schools, and Bullitt Co. Public Schools. Some students have acquired teaching positions in private schools, and others in different states. Teaching in a different state requires verification of equivalency of Kentucky teacher certification in the chosen state.

Our alumni remain connected to the program as cooperating or mentoring teachers, program instructors, guest speakers in our courses, and also as research collaborators.

Adam L. Roberts

The UofL PE & Health program provides you with the knowledge base and tools essential for a successful career in the field. With a combination of the low student-to-teacher ratios, rigor of courses, and experience in a variety of schools, this program produces nothing but top-notch teachers! I accredit this program for instilling the confidence and passion needed in order for me to land my dream job.

- Adam L. Roberts, Physical Education Teacher, Museum School, San Diego, CA, 2013 Graduate
Mary Wurst

As a graduate of the University of Louisville College of Education as well as the Masters Of Education program , I can say without a doubt I was well prepared to enter the teaching profession! I have been a teacher for JPCS for well over 20 years. The Teacher Education Program at the University of Louisville prepared me to create and implement advanced health and wellness curriculum for secondary education programs. The UofL teacher education program developed the skills and knowledge necessary for the programs I create to address a diverse learning population and address critical topics in the area of total wellness. The programs I developed for JCPS have received both local media as well as state awards and recognition for the positive impact they have on students as well as the local community. The Sources of Strength Resiliency program was recognized by WAVE 3 News due to the positive impact on reducing suicide and improving overall mental wellness as well as reducing drug abuse and violence. In addition, in 2016 the Excellence In Teaching Award was earned as a result of the success of the health education programs I have developed over the past 20 years.

- Mary Wurst, Health Educator at Butler High School, 1994 Graduate

General Information

For general information on financial aid resources, please visit the University of Louisville's Student Financial Aid office. The College of Education and Human Development has it's own web page dedicated to financial aid that contains some extra information not listed here.

College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) Scholarship

The CEHD has a long history of offering scholarships to prospective and current students pursuing an education degree program. The CEHD provides over $225,000 annually and selects recipients three times per year. Scholarship selection is competitive and applies to tuition only. Apply online for a CEHD Scholarship before the deadline (April 15th, June 1st and/or October 15th). Applicants should expect notification in four to five weeks after the posted deadline.