Professional Writing Requirements

The Professional Writing requirements provide an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the admission screening committee. The committee will be looking for evidence of:

  • experiences working with diverse children and/or adolescents
  • leadership and collaboration
  • critical thinking and creativity
  • respect for diversity, social justice and equity and commitment to making a positive difference

Please complete the following requirements and upload with your on-line application. Read the directions carefully and proofread your work. Each requirement should be double-spaced (Times New Roman 12 point font) and no more than three pages. Your written communication skills will be evaluated using the effective written communication rubric.

  1. Professional Statement Essays
    Please complete a response for each (as directed above) and upload to your on-line application.

    Essay #1

    • In what ways has your cultural heritage and background influenced the way you learn, and impacted your interactions with others who come from a different cultural background? Describe an example of an injustice or inequity that you witnessed, experienced, or became aware of, and your response at that time. Then, explain how you would respond if it occurred again. Finally, explain how you would support respect for diversity in your future classroom, and how you would demonstrate a commitment to social justice and equity.

    Essay #2

    • In thinking about the characteristics of an effective teacher, name one characteristic as your greatest strength and explain why this characteristic is important to effective teaching. Name one or two characteristic(s) you need to develop to become an effective teacher, and your plan for improvement.
    • Please note that we already assume you “love kids” and “have patience.” Your answers should be based on careful reflection and may include such dispositional qualities as: initiative, flexibility, intellectual curiosity, creativity, preparation/organization, responsibility, reflection, collaboration, dedication, and/or dependability.
  2. Teacher Education Resume
    Please follow the resume template when developing your resume and upload to your on-line application. Please include the following:

    • Diverse experiences working with children and/or adolescents through volunteer and paid work such as: after school programs, church programs, coaching, daycare worker, tutoring, babysitting, camp counselor, etc.