Prerequisite Courses

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with a Concentration in Physical Education Teacher Preparation and Health Education, should be "on track" to apply to the MAT program. All courses included in the major are required for admission to the program. Students are encouraged to apply for an official degree check at least one semester prior to anticipated graduation date.

Post-baccalaureate students who are interested in applying for the MAT program must meet the following content requirements by the May 1st application deadline:

Fall semester (12 credit hours)Spring semester (12 credit hours)
HSS 200 – Intro to Health EducationHSS 326 – Movement Skills & Concepts in PE
HSS 270 – Intro to Physical EducationHSS 327 – Invasion and net games
HSS 271 – Teaching Physical Education HSS 328 – Target and fielding games
HSS 384 – Program Planning in Health Education HSS 455 – Current Trends in Health Education