Campus Health Services

HSC Health Office Open 

The Health Sciences Center Health Office remains open and is available for telehealth and in-person visits M-F 8:30 - 4:30 except for Wednesday when we are open from 10:00 to 4:30 to allow for staff meetings.  Please call 852-6446 for additional information or appointments.   

Campus Health Services 
401 East Chestnut Street Suite 110 
Louisville, KY 40202 
P: 502-852-6446 

Cardinal Station Office Reopening July 6

Effective March 30, 2020 our Cardinal Station location will be closed due to the pandemic. We have moved essential staff to our HSC office which remains open. Phone and fax lines have been forwarded to our HSC office so there is no disruption in service. We have implemented telehealth remote sessions for many of our services including psychiatry, counseling and some primary care visits in an effort to maximize social distancing and reduce the risk to our patients and staff. Our HSC office information is below should you need it.

Please remember to practice social distancing, wash or sanitize your hands frequently, cough into your elbow and self-isolate should you become ill.

We will get through this!

Phillip F. Bressoud, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine and
Executive Director


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Campus Health Services

Cardinal Station - Belknap

215 Central Ave., Suite 110
Louisville, KY 40208
P(502) 852-6479
F(502) 852-0660

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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Health Care Outpatient Center - HSC

401 E. Chestnut., Suite 110
Louisville, KY 40202
P(502) 852-6446
F(502) 852-6649

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Appointments - Belknap: (502) 852-6479
Appointments - HSC: (502) 852-6446
Insurance Advocate: (502)-852-6519
Immunization Coordinator: (502) 852-2708