Health Professional Students Immunizations

The maintenance and tracking of the students’, residents’ and fellows’ immunizations in the HSC Immunization Program is essential for the safety of our patients and trainees as well as for the accreditation of the clinical facilities that the UofL Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry use as well as the training programs in Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Psychology. Failure to maintain appropriate immunizations can lead to the following:

  1. Infection of hospitalized patients from noncompliant trainees that could lead to prolonged hospitalizations, complications or even death
  2. Infection of trainees which could result in family members, trainees, staff or faculty becoming infected and further spreading a disease both in the hospital and throughout the community
  3. Could result in significant legal as well as financial risk on the University as well as our affiliated training sites
  4. Risk of losing accreditation of one or all of UofL’s residency training programs
  5. Risk of losing accreditation of one or all of UofL’s degree programs for MD, DMD, RN, ARNP, or clinical PHD programs at the Health Sciences Center
  6. Risk of UofL Affiliated Hospitals (Jewish Hospital, Norton Hospital, University Hospital, VA Hospital, Frazier Rehabilitation Hospital) losing their accreditation

Clearly, the failure of the students, residents and fellows with the immunization requirements, could lead to disastrous results for patients, healthcare workers and our affiliated institutions. Compliance with the program’s requirements is mandatory for all students, residents, and fellows in clinical training programs. Failure to comply with the program can result in removal from academic programs or suspension without pay or even termination.