Emergency Contraception

What are Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP)?

ECP are a safe, effective method of birth control that prevent pregnancy after sex. You can start ECP up to 5 days after unprotected sex, however:

    • ECP are more effective the sooner after sex they are taken.
    • ECP will NOT work if you are already pregnant.


When do I use ECP?  (Also called “Morning After Pills”)

ECP can be used if you had unprotected sex in the past five days. Use ECP if:

  • You didn’t use any birth control.
  • The condom broke.
  • You missed 2 or more birth control pills or started your pack late.
  • Your diaphragm slipped.
  • You missed your birth control shot.
  • You were forced to have sex.  If this occurred, we strongly recommend that you seek immediate care from PEACC Program at 852-7014  and Campus Health Services.

How do ECP work?

ECP are not abortion pills. They will not work if you are already pregnant. ECP prevent pregnancy by: Temporarily stopping an egg from being released, or stopping fertilization of the egg, or stopping a fertilized egg from attaching.

How do I take ECP?

Take the first dose of emergency contraception as soon as possible within five (5) days after unprotected sex – and the sooner the better. Take the second dose 12 hours later. Keep a packet of ECP on hand to use when you (or a friend) need them. ECP do NOT protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Are there side effects?

ECP make some patients feel sick to their stomach or vomit. Some patients may have sore breasts or headaches. These side effects last about one day. ECP can also cause some menstrual periods to come a little early or late. They do not affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant in the future.

How do I get ECP?

ECP is available at most pharamacies without a prescription. Campus Health Services also has ECP available for purchase at Cardinal Station Health Center. Please contact the Cardinal Station Health Office to schedule a visit for ECP.

Where can I get more information regarding ECP?

For free confidential information regard ECP please visit www.NOT-2-LATE.com or contact one of our health centers.

Cardinal Station Office    852-6479

Health Sciences Center   852-6446