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Campus Health Newsletter August 2014


What is HPV?

Did you know it affects men too?

Watch these videos for answers to these questions and more!


The Health Promotion Office logo represents the reality of a well-balanced life.

We often get messages suggesting we should find the “perfect balance” in our lives. The problem is that “perfect balance” is un-achievable, un-sustainable and un-desirable. The Health Promotion Office (HPO) promotes a resilience-building approach to life balance that acknowledges that being off-balance is part of the human condition – our natural state of being. It is a requirement for growth, learning, loving, serving and improving. HPO promotes critical thinking and engagement with resilience-building practices to bring a sense of purpose and intention to our individual daily choices and into the very design of our university community.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

-- Albert Einstein


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