Information for Students Who are Graduating or Have Graduated

graduate continuity of care continue not a student

In preparation for graduation, you should begin to make plans regarding where you will receive your healthcare once your are no longer a student.   

1.  Following graduation Campus Health Services will continue to see you for up to 3 months after graduation on either a cash basis or billing your insurance.  You are responsible for any copays or deductibles after payment is received from your insurance carrier.  

2. You should schedule an appointment with a community provider as soon as possible preferably before you even graduate.  The waiting time for many primary care providers is 3-6 months for a new appointment. 

3.  Request a copy of a your medical records to send to your new provider by filling out a medical records release with the practice information filled out.  

4.  If you are currently covered on the University sponsored student insurance account, please contact the Student Insurance Advocate for  insurance options after your current coverage expires.  The Student Insurance Advocate can be reached at 502-852-6519 or via email