Event Planning and Promotion

Effective April 1, 2021 - UofL Operations has developed these UofL Department Event Approval Guidelines for  campus communities to conduct in-person events.

Define Your Audience

The first thing to ask yourself is, "is my event really for the public?" Just because it is “open to the public” does not mean it is a public‐friendly event. These questions will help you determine your audience and what venues would give them the best exposure:

  • Does the subject matter have a wide appeal or is it intended for a narrow network of people with specific interests?
  • What are my time constraints? Is this a daytime or evening event? Weekday or weekend?
  • Does the subject matter relate to events or themes in the news?
  • What on-campus offices, programs and departments with similar disciplines might help me promote this event? (If so, forward them the info and ask them for their help promoting it.)
  • Are there community organizations that might be interested? (If so, be sure to share the info with administrators of those organizations.)

LANGUAGE INTERPRETATION -  If either American Sign language or simultaneous Spanish interpretation is required, please contact Lindsey for more information.

Coordinate the Registration Process

If you would like to accept online registrations for your event, your options are different depending on the type of event you are planning.

- if you are conducting a virtual, external event, you may reserve the A&S College Zoom account. Contact Lindsey at lindsey.ronay@louisville.edu to reserve the date and time of your event. Lindsey will confirm confirm availability, add you to the calendar, and provide you with the login credentials. Zoom includes a simple registration form.

Follow these instructions for how to coordinate your Zoom event.

Microsoft forms - There are many free options for building a registration form that will store a database of registrants and automatically send you an email when someone has registered. A Microsoft form is one of the easier ways to build an invitation form with a tool that's readily available. As a UofL employee, you have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, which includes a form builder. Simply login with your UofL account to get started.

- This is the preferred tool if you need to accept payment to register for your event.  You can request a University Eventbrite account, by contacting jill.riede@louisville.edu. in UofL Merchant Services. Please copy lindsey.ronay@louisville.edu on your request. You'll also need a merchant account number that will accept payments, so contact your UBM about that if you don't already have a merchant account ready-to-go.

Promote Your Event

The best way to get the most exposure in UofL media channels is to add it to the University Events Calendar. Look for the "Submit an Event" button in the right column to get started. Anyone with a UofL username and password can login and submit an event.  It will go into a queue to be reviewed and approved by OCM, but that usually happens within a day.

If you have a social media account, be sure to tag our College with @UofLAsthinker so we can share to increase the exposure.


  1. Share publicly on the main University news website, UofL Today.
  2. Share with A&S faculty and staff via the Monday Memo.
  3. Share with A&S student listserv by contacting Kourtney Hall in A&S Advising.
  4. Share with all UofL students through the SGA weekly newsletter.
  5. Promote the event on your website with a spotlight or news item.
  6. Ask other faculty to share the event info with their contacts and networks.

Traditional flyers aren't necessary unless you're going to print it out and put it in a physical space. Also, a flyer image typically contains a lot of text that isn't going to be ADA compliant in most cases.  Instead, use a head shot of the event speaker and/or an image that represents the topic and put the event details in the text area of whatever promotional tool you're using. Contact if you need help finding an image or to create a promotional graphic without a lot of text.

NOTE: The UofL Office of Communication and Marketing will no longer take requests to do press releases for events. 

Checkout Event Equipment

The A&S Dean's Office stores many of the things you may need to conduct your event, including tables, tablecloths, sign stands, lecturns, name tag printer, and many other items. These items are available to people in the College of Arts & Sciences to checkout and use.

Checkout event equipment with the A&S resource scheduler