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Websites at UofL use version 4 of the Plone content management system (CMS).  The CMS makes adding and updating pages easier than building a custom website from scratch, but Plone comes with it's own learning curve for it's interface and features. Since Plone is an open-source platform, much of the support is through user communities here at the university and across the web.

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Please submit your web and design requests via this form. You will be contacted about your project request within 72 hours from submission.

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Training Guides and Documentation

Plone 4 Online User Manual
UofL Plone 4 User Help Center

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Get Help from our Web Community

WebGuides is a group of UofL web editors and developers.  They meet the last Thursday of every month in Student Activities Center (SAC) at 3:00 PM. WebGuides has an email listserv where any member can submit questions or solutions to web issues. To subscribe to the list, send a note to and include "subscribe webguide" (without quotations) in the body of your email message.

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Keep Your Website ADA Compliant

Our commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the law mandate that all University programs and services, including our website, must be accessible to people with disabilities. Visit this website to find instructions for resolving various accessibility issues with web graphics and files.

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Maintain a Standard of Integrity for Your Content

To improve and sustain our image and site usability, we should maintain quality and consistency across websites.Learn more about how to do periodic checks for accessibility, broken links and outdated information on your website

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