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Join the UofL Social Media Group

Further your reach, stay connected with other communications professionals at the University of Louisville. The Office of Communication & Marketing manages a Facebook group for University of Louisville. If you represent a valid social media account here at UofL (department, center etc.) you may send a private message to the group to request inclusion.

UofL Social Media Facebook group

Know the Digital Media Policies and Guidelines

The Office of Communication & Marketing manages the Digital/Social Media Policy. Digital media (web, social media and mobile) are powerful communications and marketing tools that may have a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. Because there is not always a clear distinction between personal voice and institutional voice, The University of Louisville has crafted a policy to help clarify how best to enhance and protect personal and professional reputations when participating in the use of digital media.

View the Digital Media Policy

Top 10 Social Media Best Practices

#1 Know how frequently to post

Frequent interaction is necessary for user retention. Departments should post 3-5 times per week on their social media accounts. To plan ahead, consider creating a weekly content calendar. See: 4 Steps to an Awesome Content Calendar

#2 Know your audience and what they expect

Tailor posts individually to your audience's interests.

#3 Brevity is key

Social content exists in a microcosm of 140 characters or less. Write a short but powerful text to describe the content you are sharing.  An attention grabbing quote, statistic or call to action often works well here.   

#4 Use hashtags

Connect your posts to other similar posts. #UofL and #ArtsandSciences to get the most reach.

#5 Direct tagging

Directly tag a department or person in the message when posting or sharing.

#6 Don't let the conversation drop

Listen and reply to your audience daily to have the best engagement and interaction.  They will appreciate it when you like or share their content. 

#7 Give existing content more exposure

News stories from UofL News, our own College of A&S feature stories, events posted to or any other external news sources can be farmed for content that is relevant to your organization.

#8 Videos get attention

Videos tend to get more engagement, but keep it short.  You have 3-5 seconds to get someones attention on social media.  Make that time count and be something they want to further engage.

#9 Good photos are essential

People will see a photo before reading your headline. Use strong images as much as possible.  Keep it authentic and current.  Show your audience what your department is doing!

#10 Look at your stats to see what's working

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your social media presence, you should keep track of your reach and engagement.  Most social media platforms have built-in tools for analytics. 

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