Grawemeyer Scholarship

The University of Louisville annually awards ten students who demonstrate an interest in undergraduate research in their respective fields with the Grawemeyer Scholarship. The program is open to high school graduates with a minimum 3.5 GPA with an interest in faculty-supervised research and creative activity. Recipients are involved in a program of civic and cultural engagement in Metro Louisville. Recipients are also encouraged to do undergraduate research with faculty. 

The program facilitates the connections necessary to get started on undergraduate research projects. Scholarship recipients will receive $22,000 (in-state students) or $28,000 (out-of-state students). As a part of their scholarship, students will have the opportunity to attend the awards banquet where these esteemed Grawemeyer Award recipients are named for their innovative ideas and research.

To Apply:

Students who are eligible to apply for this scholarship will find their next steps in their UofL Application Gateway soon after they apply to UofL. The deadline to apply for this scholarship and submit materials is December 15.

A complete application includes:

  • Two essays based on the following prompts:
    • Prompt 1 [500 word maximum:Describe a research project* you would like to undertake at the University of Louisville. How is it compatible with the research that is currently being done at the University?
    • Prompt 2 [500 word maximum]:Though Charles Grawemeyer was a Speed School alumnus and a chemical engineer, he endowed the The Grawemeyer Awards in fine arts, social sciences, and the humanities. Describe a Grawemeyer Award-winning idea from outside your intended discipline and tell us why you find it inspiring and potentially world-changing.

If you have any questions about scholarships, please e-mail  and put “scholarship” in the subject line.

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*The Grawemeyer Scholarship is known on the UofL campus as the undergraduate research scholarship. Your essays may require you to do research on UofL departments and the Louisville Grawemeyer Awards.