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Updated: March 21, 2020 at 5:00PM

Q: What do we do about travel funds that we’ve been awarded if a conference has been canceled? 

A: It depends on the source of funding.

  • GSC (Allison Williams, GSC Travel): Funds for GSC travel awards are reimbursed AFTER students have traveled. So, if a conference gets canceled or you don’t go, you will not get reimbursed. At the moment, it is looking like you would be able to reapply in the future.
  • GNAS (Dave Brown, A&S): Funds for GNAS travel comes up front. You can voluntarily give back the award money or keep it and put it to good use. You can still apply next year. 

Q: If I can’t get reimbursed because the conference was canceled, how do I get my money back for the plane ticket I already bought? 

A: Check with the airline or travel agency where you bought the ticket. Many airlines have created new policies for this unusual time. 

Q: Is UofL saying we can’t travel at all, even for personal reasons?

A: No, UofL’s travel policies pertain to university-sponsored travel, not to personal travel. However, should you travel even for personal reasons, UofL is encouraging all travelers to fill out this form upon returning to the Louisville area regardless of which country or cities were visited to register with them as a matter of caution in the event they need to reach out to you. You are also encouraged to let the department chair’s office know if you are currently outside Louisville or are traveling outside Louisville.

Q: Can I still put a conference presentation on my CV if the conference was cancelled?

A: Yes. The American Psychological Association has provided guidelines for how to list a reference for a canceled conference here. Additionally, many in the field argue that because the goal is to disseminate research, it is acceptable to submit the same abstract from the cancelled conference to another conference in the future and list it again on your CV. If the conference is moved to an online platform, the presentation should go on your CV as it would if it were an in-person conference. 

Q: Have any dates changed (e.g., registration, degree deadlines, etc.)?

A: At this time, the registrar’s office has not changed any registration dates, although holds have been lifted temporarily to make registration easier at this time. The last day to turn in the dissertation remains the same. Please see the Graduate School’s email from Courtney Kerr dated 3-18-20, Communication Regarding Deadlines for the Spring 2020 Semester, for information about other dates and other important information.

Q: Should we come to campus or should we stay away? Can we come if we need to get something?

A: At this point, the university is still open, but UofL is recommending that we work remotely if at all possible. If it is necessary for to go to campus (e.g., to the library), be sure to check the website for their current hours, and please continue to follow recommendations by the CDC to keep yourself healthy and reduce the spread of the virus. 

Q: Will we have electronic versions of documents necessary for degree milestones (e.g., signature sheets)? 

A: Many forms have already been made electronic and can be found here on the A&S Graduate Studies website

  • Additional new forms (e.g., thesis/dissertation signature page) are being created as we speak and will be posted on the website or disseminated over email when they become available. 
  • If there is a program-specific form that is needed, please contact your DGS.
  • To get multiple signatures, you can send the form to the first name on the form and ask them to forward it to the next person to sign, and so on. Just have the last person to sign it electronically email it back to you.
  • A common problem occurs with signing these forms on mobile forms. It tends to hide others’ signatures or information that has been previously entered on the page. To avoid this issue, Adobe Reader should be used (click here to download Reader or get tips and more info). 

Q: How do we connect to a computer in our lab or get VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection if we need it?

A: All employees (which includes Graduate Assistants) have been given access to UofL’s VPN system. 

  • To connect to an on-campus computer through GlobalProtect VPN, the computer on campus to be logged into must be connected to the university network, set up to allow for remote login, and on all the time. 
  • Information on how to get your VPN set up or solve any problems can be found on this VPM information page here and the working remotely from home webpage here
  • If you still have trouble, you should contact the IT Helpdesk at 852-7997 or  If that does not resolve your problem, contact the A&S Associate Dean for Graduate Education, David Brown, at