Dedicated to providing low-cost, accessible ADHD evaluations to all children in the Kentuckiana community regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

The ADHD Evaluation Service is a joint venture of the RACER Lab for ADHD research and the Noble H. Kelley Psychological Services Center at UofL. This service provides families with reliable, timely, and affordable ADHD assessments. In addition, children and adolescents will be screened for related disorders. The assessments are conducted entirely online. 


Can my child be evaluated?

  • Yes! Any child between ages 6-17 can be evaluated.
  • No Insurance needed.
  • Evaluations priced on an income-based sliding scale. 
  • Evaluations are extremely affordable. Most families will pay anywhere from $10-$90 (fees are higher for families with higher incomes, but are still very affordable).
  • No referrals needed – you can contact us directly to begin your child’s evaluation!
Clinician works with boy on a test

How Does it Work?

Sign up for an evaluation via this form.

After we contact you, one of our clinicians will schedule a clinical interview.

Following the clinical interview, you will receive an evaluation report electronically.

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Thank you to WHAS Crusade for Children for their generosity in awarding the RACER lab with a grant to expand our mission of providing affordable, timely ADHD assessments to families in the Louisville community!