Fall 2020 Online and Hybrid Instruction

Information for moving to online or hybrid instruction.

Pivot to Fall: Planning Classes for Fall 2020

The Academic Scenario Planning Committee (ASPC) unit representatives have outlined the following for our return to campus for fall 2020 classes.

  • Courses will begin on August 17 with face-to-face instruction ending on November 25 at the start of Thanksgiving break.
  • The final two days of classes post-Thanksgiving and final assessments and exams will be online.
  • Derby is expected to take place September 5 with Thurby and the Oaks on September 3 and 4. Both September 3 and 4 will be online instruction days in order to accommodate possible traffic and parking issues for faculty, staff and students.

About Hybrid Courses

Hybrid is being defined as having 25%-75% of the course taught face to face, with the remaining taught online. Hybrid course delivery was chosen because it combines traditional face-to-face instructional activities with some online learning activities and can capture the best features of both delivery models when well-planned and well-executed.

It also allows faculty to divide students into smaller groups for face to face learning to gain greater physical distancing in the classroom. Additionally, while we are planning to be on campus until Thanksgiving, should we be unable to continue face-to-face instruction at some point earlier in the semester, the hybrid model prepares both faculty and students to transition to online learning in a thoughtful way.

Hybrid also allows faculty to provide continuity of instruction if someone is ill for several days or if someone must quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19.

Resources for Designing an Online or Hybrid Course

All faculty teaching this fall have been added to a Blackboard Organization housing self-paced resources regarding the design and delivery of hybrid and online courses. These resources can be reviewed in about 3-4 hours and revisited as necessary throughout the development and facilitation of the course.

To find your organization, log into Blackboard, click on Organizations from the side menu and search for Pivot to Fall.

Synchronous Training Sessions

In addition to the self-paced resources within the Blackboard Organization, faculty will be invited to attend 90-minute synchronous training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Planning Your Hybrid Course
  • Active Learning Techniques for the Online Setting
  • Technology Tools to Support Asynchronous Interaction
  • Group Work in the Online Setting
  • Using Panopto for Lecture Capture

Resources for Hybrid Courses

Personal Consultations Available

Each Blackboard Organization will be assigned to a member of the Instructional Design and Technology team at the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning. If you'd like to arrange to meet with a member of the IDT team to discuss the design of your course, links and contact information will be made available within the Blackboard Organization.


To access your Blackboard Organization to see available support resources, Access the blackboard link and your ULink ID.

Have additional questions? Contact Aimee Greene, Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Technology, at aimee.greene@lousiville.edu or 502.852.4482.