Online Instruction

Information for faculty regarding moving classes online during the pandemic

Transitioning a course online

Instructional Designers from the Delphi Center will continue to support our faculty with transitioning their courses to online instruction through email, phone and video conferencing using Blackboard Collaborate.

For questions or assistance, contact us through one of the following methods:

Email: Please be specific in your request and Aimee will route your request to the most appropriate Instructional Designer.

The Blackboard Help Line can solve most Blackboard issues and will connect you with an Instructional Designer if necessary.

(502) 852-8833 | Mon – Sun, 8 am – 10 pm

Please be patient and allow the phone to ring several times while the system locates someone to assist you. Should you arrive in voicemail, all support personnel are on the phone with other callers. Please leave your name and contact information so that we are able to get back to you promptly. You may get a return call from an out-of-state phone number. Please answer because this is the UofL Blackboard Helpdesk.

Training to get you started

Getting Started Online Module – Can be completed at your own pace (available now)

Tools for conducting class online

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – This web conferencing tool can be used to meet synchronously (at the same time) with your students.

Panopto – You can use this tool to record audio and/or video lectures. Your students can also use it for recording presentations.

Changes to Pass/Fail policy

Effective immediately, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of their courses to pass/fail grading for this semester only.

In alignment with most of our peer institutions, we have instituted a more lenient pass/fail policy for this semester in acknowledgement of the unexpected challenges, not only with online learning, but in reaction to all of the ways the pandemic has and will impact our students. Many of our students are afraid to stay in classes for fear of ruining a GPA in the online environment. We hope a P/F option may encourage many of them to stay in classes and finish the semester.

The policy, like most of those across the nation, overrides program policies regarding pass/fail to allow students to change their grade option until the last day of classes; it also allows students to opt for pass/fail for as many classes as they want for this semester only.

Faculty Evaluations for Spring 2020

In light of the exceptional circumstances that have resulted from coronavirus preparations, we have decided to modify our policies for faculty evaluations for this semester only.

  1. We will still send students evaluations: if you are providing them with grades and/or a pass/fail assessment, they deserve the opportunity to assess our teaching.
  2. Your evaluations for this semester will be yours: if you choose to include them in future annual or tenure or promotion reviews, you may, but if you prefer not to include them, that is certainly valid and no one will ask you for them.
  3. We intend to add a few questions about the transition to online this semester and students’ experience of online instruction. These will not be figured into your own evaluations and they will be shared only in aggregate (i.e., your deans and chairs will not be able to see comments about individual faculty). If a student says a faculty member did not transition at all to online, we will alert deans to that. But if a student says a faculty member struggled, we will not share that information with your deans except in aggregate for the unit.

Conducting assessments

Multiple training resources are available to prepare for online assessments.

General session for designing and delivering remote assessments

This one-hour virtual training session will provide faculty the information and tools needed to make decisions about how to design and deliver remote assessments while maintaining integrity. This session is appropriate for any course at the university.

Discipline-specific assessment training

Designing and delivering remote assessments including equations, formulas, etc. This session is best for STEM faculty.

More Information
Questions: Aimee Greene