Cara Cashon portrait

Cara H. Cashon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

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Graduate Research Assistants

Nonah M. Olesen

My name is Nonah Olesen. I completed my undergraduate degree and M.A. degree in Experimental Psychology at Missouri State University. I am now in my fifth year at the University of Louisville working on my dissertation to complete my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. When I am not working in the lab or reading I am hiking, canoeing, or hanging out at home with my dog and cat.

Katherine G. Kaufling

Hi! My name is Katie Kaufling and I’m in my first year pursing a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at the University of Louisville, with an emphasis in Developmental Psychology. I volunteered in the Infant Cognition Lab during undergrad before receiving my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University in 2019. When I’m not in the lab you can usually find me doing something outdoors, trying a new recipe, watching Netflix, or just hanging out with my friends and family.

Undergraduate Students

Malaya Cunningham

Malaya Cunningham

My name is Malaya Cunningham. I am from Shelbyville, Ky and am currently a senior at the University of Louisville. I am pursuing a major in Biology and minor in Psychology. My interests include Pediatrics and Psychology and experience with the Infant Cognition Lab would be extremely beneficial in expanding my knowledge of infants and how they learn, grow, and develop. By expanding my knowledge I can then learn how to better treat infants and educate more parents. In my free time you can find me watching movies, in bible studies, drawing or cooking! 

Rachel Eckert

My name is Rachel Eckert and I am currently a junior at the University of Louisville. I am a Biology major with a minor in Psychology and I plan to go to medical school after graduation. Once in medical school I hope to pursue a specialty that is involved in Pediatrics. The opportunity to do research in the Infant Cognition Lab has been great to gain experience working with infants and parents, as well as getting to learn more about how infants learn and develop. When I have free time I enjoy doing yoga, exercising and hanging with friends!

Jalena Slaton

My name is Jalena Slaton. I am from Madisonville, KY and am currently a junior Psychology major here at the University of Louisville. After I receive my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology,  I will go on to an Occupational Therapy Program to gain my Ph.D. in OT specializing in Pediatrics. Gaining experience in the Infant Cognition Lab is very beneficial for me because in the future I would like to teach OT and become a researcher at an institution. Outside of working in the Infant Cognition Lab, I love to spend time with people that I love and enjoy the beautiful sun!

TiShauna Tinsley

My name is TiShauna Tinsley. I am a graduating senior here at the University of Louisville. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After graduation I plan to get my PhD in clinical psychology. My Hobbies include dancing on the university of Louisville’s majorette team called The Dazzling Cardettes and spending time with my family.

Kolbie Vincent

My name is Kolbie Vincent and I am from Edmonson County, Ky. I am currently a junior at the University of Louisville double majoring in Psychology and Communication, with a minor in Social Change. My research interests include Developmental Psychology and Language Acquisition. In my free time I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends, and watching TV shows.

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