Humanities and Linguistics

The Department of Comparative Humanities of the College of Arts and Sciences offers a concentration in Linguistics and the Humanities leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Humanities. Procedures and standards of admission to the degree program are given in the General Information section of the Graduate catalog. For the concentration in Linguistics and the Humanities, which is a non-thesis option with a focus on the study of language, applicants should have an undergraduate background which includes courses in linguistics. The second discipline or area of emphasis will be approved by the Graduate Advisor.


15 credit hours of Linguistics coursework, three hours in each of the 5 areas:

Area 1. Introduction to Linguistics: Required
LING 518 Foundations of Language
Area 2. Language and Culture: Choose 1
ENGL 523 History of the English Language
LING 621 Sociolinguistics
LING 623 Culture as the Basis of Foreign Language Teaching
LING 630 Language and Culture
Area 3. Language and Structure: Choose 1
ENGL 522 Structure of Modern American English
LING 535 Applied Linguistics for English Teachers
LING 603 Syntax
LING 606 Historical and Comparative Linguistics
LING 610 Phonetics and Phonology
Area 4. Language and Cognition: Choose 1
LING 524 Psycholinguistics
LING 622 Psychology of Second Language Learning and Teaching
LING 624 Language and Cognition
LING 641 Recent Philosophy of Language
Area 5. Any 500-600 level elective course in Linguistics, not already chosen: Choose 1
LING 521 Teaching Techniques in Foreign Language
LING 590 Special Topics in Linguistics
LING 600 Independent Study
LING 605 Summer Workshop for Foreign Language Teachers
LING 620 Special Topics in Foreign Language Education
LING 625 The Teaching of English as a Second Language
LING 690 Seminar in Linguistics
9 credit hours in a second humanities discipline or area.

3 credit hours in interdisciplinary methodology: Humanities 609 (or 610 if appropriate).

3 credit hours in Directed Study Project: Humanities 655.

Foreign Language Competency

An Oral Examination will cover the contents of the Directed Study Project

A minimum of 15 semester hours must be in courses at the 600 level, excluding HUM 655.

For students who are pursuing an ESL (English as a Second Language) Endorsement, the above MA Concentration allows ESL endorsement coursework to count towards the degree.