Kentucky Unemployment Fraud Information

There has been a significant increase in fraudulent activity across the nation involving unemployment insurance over the last several months. Some UofL employees have been subjects of this fraudulent activity and have made us aware of an unemployment compensation claim being filed in their name. We are also aware that employees of other Kentucky institutions have also been impacted in a similar manner.

If you should receive notice that a claim has been made in your name, please take the following steps:

  • Complete this form if you have not notified the HR Department before moving on to the next steps.
  • Report UI Fraud to the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance by completing this online form.
  • Report UI Fraud to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by completing this form.
    • Choose COVID-19 as the disaster that relates to your complaint; choose “Identity Theft” and “Insurance Fraud” as to the what you are reporting on. 

Additional fraud reporting recommended by the Kentucky Career Center:


Human Resources is proactively monitoring UI claims filed to protect against fraudulent charges. Please be aware that taxpayers who receive unemployment insurance benefits will receive an IRS Form 1099-G, used for reporting income on tax returns.  If you get a Form 1099-G but did not collect any or all of the benefits listed on the Form, visit the IRS website for the IRS Guidance on identity theft involving unemployment benefits.


If you received a paper check for benefits and believe you should not have received a check please send that check back to:

Office of Unemployment Insurance

Attention BPC

500 Mero Street 4th Floor

Frankfort KY 40601

*Include your name, contact information (such as phone number and email address), and a message that you never filed for Unemployment Insurance.


Unemployment Fraud Contacts:

Unemployment Office- 

Christina James:

Regina Woolbright:


Employee Relations:

Christina Reed:

 Additional Unemployment Fraud Resources: