Alan Golding

Alan Golding

English Courses Recently Taught:

ENGL 319: American Literature 1830-1860 (spring 2010)
ENGL 105: Honors Composition (spring 2010)
ENGL 382-02: Contemporary American Poetry (fall 2009)
ENGL 654: Experimental Poetics and / as Pedagogy (fall 2009)
ENGL 322 - 01: American Literature from 1960 to the Present (Spring, 2009)
ENGL 552 - 02: Poetry and Politics in the Twentieth Century (Spring, 2009)
ENGL 105 - 04: Advanced Composition for Freshmen - WC (Fall, 2008)
ENGL 311 - 01: American Literature I (Fall, 2008)
ENGL 311 - 01: American Literature I (Spring, 2008)
ENGL 665 - 75: Contemporary Poetry (Spring, 2008)
ENGL 321 - 01: American Literature from 1910 to 1960 (Spring, 2007)
ENGL 402 - 02: Honors Seminar--History and Theory of the (Poetic) Avant-Garde (Spring, 2007)
ENGL 312 - 01: American Literature II (Spring, 2006)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 1980, University of Chicago

Teaching Areas

  • Teaching interests include American poetry, modern and contemporary American literature, history and theory of the avant-garde, poetry and politics.

Research Interests

  • Current book projects:
  • (1)"Isn't the avant-garde always pedagogical": Experimental Poetics and/as Pedagogy;
  • (2) Writing Into the Future: From THE DIAL to the Digital (selected essays on the history and reception of experimental American poetics).

Professional Activities

  • Co-editor, Iowa Series on Contemporary North American Poetry (U of Iowa P).
  • Editorial boards of Contemporary Literature, Twentieth-Century Literature
  • Advisory board of the U of Alabama Press series on Modern and Contemporary Poetics.


From Outlaw to Classic: Canons in American Poetry (U of Wisconsin P,
1995; reprinted 1998).

Articles and Book Chapters
“From Pound to Olson: The Avant-Gardist as Pedagogue.” Ezra Pound and Education, ed. Michael Coyle and Steven Yao. (National Poetry Foundation, forthcoming 2008).

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“‘Isn’t the avant-garde always pedagogical’: Experimental Poetics and/as Pedagogy.” In Poetry and Pedagogy: The Challenge of the Contemporary. Ed. Juliana Spahr and Joan Retallack. (Palgrave / St. Martin’s, 2006.)

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