The brand guidelines included on this site have been updated as of Jan. 2018. This site is in the process of being redesigned, so the content and rules of the policy may now differ. Please contact if you are in need of assistance or have questions in the interim.
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What is the Purpose of This?

The purpose of the Brand Graphics Policy is to provide rules for coherent communication of the University of Louisville (UofL) brand. This website outlines the identity standards and applications system in three parts. The first part contains a group of identity elements specifically designed to identify the UofL brand. The second part contains regulations and examples specifying acceptable employment of the graphical elements. The third part defines the look and feel of the brand and presents sample applications for use in brand communications.

The coordination of the UofL brand to consumers plays a significant role in their impression of the brand. Consistency is paramount to the success of the identity system. Consistent use of the mark and supporting elements will build brand equity and resonance. The end result will be an increased understanding of the UofL brand by the public.

Use only original vector artwork for reproduction of these marks. Elements and marks may not be altered electronically or manually, nor can they be stretched, outlined, given drop-shadows or enclosed in shapes that appear to be an organic part of the element.

Why is the Brand Graphics Policy Important?

Brand graphics involves the use of logos, typefaces and colors to create a clearly recognizable image for an institution. A brand graphics policy is necessary for organizations as large and diverse as UofL to build and communicate a clear institutional brand identity for its many target audiences.

A successful brand graphics program helps the university develop strong name recognition by defining a "look" for all university materials that audiences instantly identify with UofL. This does not mean that all materials must look exactly alike. It does mean that they must all clearly belong to the same family, with logos, typefaces and colors used consistently.

Through a consistent brand graphics program, UofL can project a strong, unified and professional image to all audiences even though communications are coming from hundreds of separate units across our campuses. Following this policy officially identifies your unit as part of the university, increasing brand identity with your audience and making it more likely that your message will be received.

To What Types of Materials do the Brand Graphics Policy Apply?

The policy applies to all brochures, publications, periodicals, websites and any other type of marketing materials produced by the university or partner agencies for external audiences. Materials governed by the policy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recruitment brochures
  • Viewbooks or annual reports
  • Publications for alumni and donors
  • Official university websites
  • Departmental program information
  • Periodical magazines or newsletters
  • Promotional videos and CDs
  • Stationery and business cards
  • Banners and posters
  • Promotional items and merchandise
  • Campus signage
  • Apparel

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