Current Studies

We are currently enrolling for the following study:

Study of Emotions for Children (with and without ADHD)

Parents and children ages 7-11 needed for a study of emotions.  Parents/children will come to UofL for a 3 hour session to answer questions about the child’s mood and a 2 hour session to measure the child’s heart rate while he/she completes tasks.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • Children who have or might have ADD/ADHD
  • Children who do not have ADD/ADHD
Children who participate in this study will receive:
  • A brief IQ assessment
  • A brief academic achievement assessment
  • A diagnostic evaluation for ADHD, as well as screening for other emotional or behavioral difficulties
  • Results of the brief IQ assessment, academic achievement assessment, and diagnostic evaluation for ADHD will be provided to parents free of charge!
  • Children and parents who participate in the study will each receive $20 compensation
How do we participate?


This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB# 13.0425). Principal Investigator: Paul J. Rosen, Ph.D.