Infant Cognition Lab

The University of Louisville Infant Cognition Lab studies infant cognitive and perceptual development. We study babies from around 3 - 24 months old. If you have a baby in the Louisville area and are looking for something fun to do, contact us to find out more at 852-6852 or

Baby with bottle.

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Dr Cashon with baby.

Baby Scientists Wanted!

We are currently conducting several studies on infant face perception, attention, and language development. We also have studies on face perception and language development in infants and toddlers with Williams syndrome as well as baby siblings of children with autism.

  • Infants between 3 and 14 months of age with normal vision and hearing are invited to participate.
  • Participation is completely voluntary.
  • Participation involves one brief visit to campus.
  • Infants will receive a t-shirt or bib for participating.
  • If you are in the Louisville area and are interested in participating in one of our studies, please contact us at 502-852-6852.

This research has been approved by the University of Louisville Internal Review Board (HSPPO#: 053.16)

Principal Investigator: Cara H. Cashon, Ph.D.