2015 Humphrey Colloquium

Conference Program

Friday, November 13th, Bingham Humanities, Room 300

9:00 am—9:35 am
“Lies, Myths, and Regimes of Truth: An Exploration of the Political Implications of the Myth of the Metals in Plato’s Republic
Akiva Mattenson (DePaul University)


9:45 am—10:20 am
“A Case of Mere Composition”
Thomas Delaney (University of Virginia)


10:30 am—11:05 am
“In Response to ‘Men and Abortion Decisions’”
Madeline Reinecke (University of Illinois)


11:15 am—11:50 pm
“Why Lewisian Possibilism about Fiction Just Isn’t Possible”
Laura Crawford (University of South Alabama)


12:00-12:35 pm
“Finding the Right Fit:  Searching for an Analysis of Epistemic Obligation”
Aidan Healy (University of North Carolina Wilmington)



12:32-1:20 pm


1:20-1:55 pm
“Immanuel Kant’s Universal Law Formula and Humanity Formula: Expressions of the Same Categorical Imperative”
Garry Moore Soronio (University of California, Los Angeles)


2:05-2:40 pm
“Matter in Late Medieval Philosophy and the Cartesian Climax”
James Johnson (University of California, Los Angeles)


2:50-3:25 pm
“Hate Crime Enhancement: An Incomplete Solution”
Keagan Potts (Loyola University of Chicago)


3:45-5:00 pm
Keynote Address
"Why Metaphors Make Good Insults"
Professor Elisabeth Camp
Rutgers University