Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion Projects & Activities

Community partnership and collaboration are core elements of the University of Louisville's mission, and the School of Nursing is a major player in community engagement and service at the university. Whether it is service learning in clinics and hospitals across Kentucky, partnering to address priorities of underserved neighborhoods, or contributing to the health of communities internationally, UofL School of Nursing is committed to collaborating with others to improve health in places both near and far.

Eight nursing students pictured at box truck preparing for Wayside clothing drive.

Partnering with the Community to Provide Clothing

As part of the Community Leadership Practicum course led by School of Nursing faculty Kristin Baisch, a group of senior nursing students partnered with school peers, generous citizens of Louisville, and fellow Health Science Campus schools to gather donations and discounted items to provide clothing to a homeless population in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to working with multiple agencies and departments, the students were awarded a scholarship from the Office of Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion. With the funds received, students were able to purchase hats, gloves, socks, and undergarments to provide clothing for the winter season.

Nursing students providing backpacks and education to homeless men.

Implementing a Well-Being Intervention Among Homeless Men

In 2018, School of Nursing N-473 students, led by Assistant Professor Alona Pack, focused their culminating experience project on providing education to homeless men, who frequent the St. John Center, on the process for expungement of felony records with the aim of removing barriers for employment. An educational session was held on November 8th that included a verbal presentation, a brochure on the expungement process and the opportunity to meet with a representative from the Legal Aid Society. All of the men who participated received a backpack that included hand warmers, hygienic items, and non-perishable food items. St. Stephens Church also donated socks, snacks, pill containers, and chapsticks.

White UofL School of Nursing logo on red background.

Training Staff and Administrators at the Independence Belize Poly Clinic

In 2017, students from the UofL School of Nursing, along with project supervisor and UofL faculty member Whitney Nash, partnered with staff and administrators at the Independence Belize Poly Clinic as part of the International Service Learning program. Community partners at the clinic had an interest in a defibrillator as well as education related to its use. The School of Nursing purchased a defibrillator from Supplies Overseas using funds provided by the Office of Community Engagement and Diversity Inclusion. After testing to ensure the defibrillator tested and deemed usable and safe, the defibrillator was donated to the clinic as an educational and instructional device.

Faculty members Drs. Marianne Hutti and Sara Robertson pictured with students  during the 2016 International Service Learning trip to Thommen, Haiti.

Caring for Patients and Providing Medical Supplies in Thommen, Haiti

In 2016, School of Nursing students, along with faculty members Drs. Marianne Hutti and Sara Robertson, visited four villages and a clinic operated by Project Medishare near Thomen, Haiti as part of the International Service Learning program. During the trip, faculty members worked with students to provide primary care for over five hundred patients and vision screenings for four hundred. Funds provided by the Office of Community Engagement and Diversity and Inclusion supported the purchase of medical supplies requested by Project Medishare, as well as reading glasses for patients.

Community Engagement Activities at the School of Nursing
2020-2021 Snapshot


Local, national, & international community engagement activities reported by the School of Nursing in 2020-2021


Engaged Scholarship

Scholarly work done in full partnership with the community. It consists of research, teaching, and/or the application of scholarship for the mutual benefit of the institution and community partner.



Providing direct services, time, or resources to benefit a community or its institutions. This includes instances of public intellectualism such as talks, lectures, presentations, performances, etc.



Ongoing collaboration with community partners for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.


Curricular Engagement

Describes the teaching, learning, and scholarship that engages students and community partners in mutually beneficial and respectful collaboration.

Student, Faculty, and Staff Engagement

Through the activities taking place during the 2018-19 academic year, School of Nursing faculty, staff, and students worked with local, state-wide, national and international communities in engaged teaching, research and service.



Instances of student engagement1 with 5,286 hours of service, with an estimated value of over $113,000.



Instances of faculty engagement2



Instances of staff engagement

Map of Jefferson County, KY highlighting West Louisville.

The Signature Partnership Initiative

Activities Serving West Louisville in 2020 - 2021

UofL's Signature Partnership Initiative is a University-wide effort to enhance the quality of life, educational and economic opportunity for residents of West Louisville

The goal for the School of Nursing is to work with a wide range of community collaborators to improve the health and quality of individuals and families living in our urban core.


1As of 2015-2016, we are adding more specificity by categorizing different types of community engagement activities in further alignment with definitions provided within the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification process. The categories, Partnership, Outreach, Curricular Engagement, and Engaged Scholarship, are described above.

2These numbers represent instances of service and may reflect a duplicated head count for faculty, staff, and students; but does not represent a duplication of service.