Position Description, Dean

Description and Qualifications determined from University level.

The Dean shall:

  1. Facilitate the accomplishment of the scholarships of teaching, research, creative, and scholarly activities, in line with an academic Health Sciences Center and a research intensive university.
  2. Be the academic and administrative leader of the School of Nursing.
  3. Report to the President or appropriate University offices.
  4. Administer the SON according to the University and SON Bylaws and policies.
  5. Keep the administrative offices of the University, as required by The Redbook, and the faculty fully informed concerning the educational and financial status of the School of Nursing.
  6. Maintain effective relationships with alumni and relevant internal and external constituents.
  7. Work with internal and external constituents to assure support for the School of Nursing.
  8. Function as chief fiscal and personnel manager of the unit.
  9. Be responsible for all cooperative programs involving the School of Nursing and other units of the University.
  10. Represent the School, formally and informally, to the University, community and the world.
  11. Oversee academic, research, and practice and service programs with other agencies.
  12. Oversee evaluation of faculty and staff.
  13. Be responsible for such additional duties as may be assigned by the Board of Trustees or University Administration Offices. 
  14. Facilitate faculty development and resources for the use of technology in education, practice, and research.
  15. Facilitate the presence of faculty as presenters and organizational leaders at local, national, and international levels.
  16. Facilitate implementation of the unit and university diversity plans.
  17. Advance the SON to achieve the strategic plan of the unit and the university.
  18. Implement an Evaluation Plan for the School of Nursing