Nurse Aide Training (NAT) / Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) for Clinical Compliance

As part of clinical compliance, all students entering pre-licensure programs at the University of Louisville will be required to successfully complete training as a nursing assistant/nurse aide prior to beginning Upper Division.

Completion of training is a clinical compliance requirement. Documentation must be submitted to the Office of Student Services by the established compliance due date.

Four Ways to Meet the Clinical Compliance Requirement:

  • Successful completion of NURS 221: Principles of Basic Patient Care with a C or higher.
  • Submission of documentation of 100 hours of direct health patient care work experience within the past 12 months of upper division clinical compliance deadline. This work must include performance of the NAT skills list. Submit documentation using the Work Validation Form.
  • Documentation of completion of a Medicaid approved State Registered Nursing Aide Program. Students are not required to take the SRNA certificate exam.
  • Active certification as a State Registered Nursing Aide (SNRA). Students meeting this requirement must submit proof of SNRA certification from the Nurse Aide Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions