NAT Training FAQs

Q: I completed a CNA course several years ago, but have not worked as a nursing assistant in the past few years. Do I need to retake my training?

A: If you have ever completed a CNA course, this will fulfill the CNA requirement for admission. You may find it helpful to refresh on your skills on your own, but you do not need to retake the course.

Q: What type of documentation do I need to submit if I have completed a CNA course?

A: Examples of training verification include a program completion certificate, a college transcript listing the completed course, or state registry verification.

Q:  What type of employment counts towards the 100 or 1000 hours of employment?

A: In order for employment to fulfill this requirement, you must have experience as a nursing assistant, providing direct patient care. This must provide opportunities to perform personal care, including bathing, toileting, feeding, linen changes, and ambulating. Employment as a medical assistant, laboratory assistant, unit secretary, OR tech, or EMT will not fulfill the CNA requirement.

Q: I worked as a nursing assistant several years ago, but have not been employed in the last year. What should I do?

A:You must have documentation of CNA training or work as a nursing assistant for at least 100 hours in the past 12 months OR 1000 hours within the last 10 years to fulfill the requirement.

Q: I worked as a personal care assistant or had another job that allowed me opportunities to perform direct personal care. Will this count?

A: These situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In order to be considered, you must submit a complete job description of the position, as well as a list of duties. The duties must include the skills included on the NAT skills list.

Q: I worked as a medic in the military. Does this experience count?

A: Possibly. If the individual's MOS was 68W, this will fulfill the requirement. Documentation of the MOS would need to be provided. For other cases, you will need to supply documentation of your training and seek individual approval.

Q: I am transferring from another nursing program. Will I need to complete the training?

A: If you have completed a fundamental skills course in which there were opportunities to perform direct patient care, you will not need to complete a CNA course. You will need to submit a copy of the transcript and course syllabus for approval.

Q: I plan to take my CNA training out of state. Will this count?

A: Yes. You can complete your training at any agency of your choice. Please ensure that the program qualifies you to sit for the state examination in the state in which it is offered. You do not need to complete the state examination, but the qualification to sit indicates a program fulfills the CNA requirement.

Q: When should I complete my training?

A: You can take the training at any time, but the program must be completed prior to the published compliance deadline for your admission cohort.

Q: Should I wait until I have been accepted to Upper Division complete my training?

A: This is at your discretion, however, students are advised to give themselves plenty of time to complete the training prior to the start of Upper Division classes. If you have not completed your training prior to the start of classes, you will not be permitted to begin Upper Division and you will forfeit your spot.

Q: I have been placed on the alternate list. Should I complete my CNA training now?

A: It is advisable that you complete your training if you are on the alternate list. In some cases, we will notify alternates of an available space a few days prior to classes starting. An alternate without their CNA training would not be able to accept the open spot if training could not be completed prior to the start of UD classes.