Triptych Deadlines and Faculty Actions

Interfolio Directions

The following is a list of faculty actions associated to the Interfolio templates required to be used.

Interfolio Template

Type of Action

Advanced Rank Promotion Only

Promotion to Associate Professor or Professor

Annual Work Plan Submission

This template is used to turn in faculty annual work plans. The work plans will need to be turned in separately for each faculty member.

Appointment FT/PT

All New Appointments - Full time and Part time

Associate Appointment/Reappointment

Associate appointments or reappointment

Change of Appointment

Change of Faculty Appointment

Endowed Chair Appointment/Reappointment

Endowed Chair appointment or reappointment

Expiration of Appointment

Non-renewal of a term or probationary appointment

Faculty Actions That Include Salary Increases

Any faculty action triptych that coincides with a salary increase other than advanced rank promotions and/or tenure actions

Gratis Appointment/Reappointment

Submission of gratis appointments and reappointments

Letter of Offer Approval

SOM approval to use letter of offer for new hires

Periodic Career Approval

5 year review of tenured faculty


Faculty reappointment of term, term/rolling or part-time faculty



Scholar Appointment/Reappointment

University Scholar/Distinguished University Scholar appointment or reappointment

SOM Personnel Triptych

All triptych actions not specified on this list or considered one of the following:

  • Reappointments of full-time, part-time (see reappointment template), gratis and scholar (email Toni)
  • Appointments of gratis and scholar (email Toni)

 Special Periodic Career Review

 Review of tenured faculty after 2-year remediation period

 Tenure with Promotion or Tenure Only

 Award of tenure with or without promotion


Additional Appointments

    Annual Work Plan Templates


      • Full-time

      Immediate Tenure

          Change in Status


              Multiple Units





                  Miscellaneous Information