Intern Orientation

The month of July is dedicated to intern orientation with events and offerings scheduled to acquaint all EM I residents with department practices and procedures. Activities include:

  • ACLS, ATLS and PALS courses
  • Procedure Workshop
  • Clinic Tour
  • Fire Day
  • Focused didactic series
  • Resident Manual Orientation
  • Ultrasound Workshop

Resident Conferences

We hold weekly conferences on Wednesday mornings, with a focus on mastering the core content of the ABEM Clinical Practice model. This content is delivered via a variety of interactive lecture models, including small-groups, lightning lectures, and procedural simulations. Morbidity and mortality case-conferences are held monthly to allow for review of emerging practice patterns and quality improvement. 

The faculty covers the ED during all conferences, allowing residents to attend conferences.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held during conference each month, covering cutting-edge articles selected by the administrative chief. These are held at a variety of locations, including local restaurants as well as at faculty homes.

Trauma Man

Trauma Man is a sophisticated simulation system used to master high-risk, low-volume procedures are mastered in the controlled environment of the classroom with anatomically accurate body forms. This is scheduled twice per year for teaching and evaluation of resident competency in procedures such as cricothyrotomy and thoracostomy.

Sim Lab

The emergency medicine residency program continues to develop and incorporate simulation as a form of teaching, evaluation, and research. The Paris Simulation Center located in the University of Louisville School of Medicine contains four simulation suites with high fidelity simulators. We hold monthly resident sessions for teaching and evaluation of clinical competencies like rapid sequence intubation and Advanced Cardiac Life Support adult resuscitation.

Mock Orals

Mock Oral Exams are conducted twice per year and are administered by DEM academic and clinical faculty. These exams are evaluated and are included in resident portfolios.

Career Assembly

The Career Assembly is a full day seminar providing education in various aspects of the professional practice of emergency medicine, such as career planning, financial planning, documentation and billing,and  malpractice insurance. This offering is held annually in the Spring for all EM II residents.

Conference Schedule

Weekly Core ConferencesWednesday8:30 am - noon
Multidisciplinary Trauma
3rd Wednesday7:00-8:00 am
Journal Club4th Thursday8:30 am-9:15 am


Room 9ER is our department’s FOAMed blog that is “by residents, for residents”. This provides asynchronous, interactive platform for self-reflection on patient-care and allows for peer feedback and faculty supervision.

You can view Room9ER at  http://room9er.com/ .