Program Director Message

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about the University of Louisville Emergency Medicine Residency Program! Established in 1972, we are one of the pioneer programs in the country. This longevity has afforded us the ability to preserve emergency medicine’s traditions, and our dedication to continued improvement has allowed us to confidently and boldly shape its future.

It is our mission to train our residents to be practice-ready on day one of whatever career in emergency medicine they may choose. To meet this goal, we provide focused mentorship from faculty who are subject experts in multiple areas of emergency medicine, including toxicology, EMS, wilderness medicine, ultrasound, tactical medicine, and many more.

Our residents are cultivated in an environment that allows for progressive responsibility. In this environment, it is an honor to care for patients that are not only clinically complex and diverse, but also socially diverse. Residents will grow from being able to manage their own patients to effectively managing a department.

It is our training philosophy that learners be respected with autonomy. Learning is continuous and contemporaneous with mastery of skills necessary for success in emergency medicine. Both on-shift teaching and our didactic curriculum are modeled to be interactive and appreciate our residents as adult learners. Attendings will not command or control but will listen, guide, and encourage you to question.  You will be trained not just to exist in emergency medicine but also to excel and lead in emergency medicine.



Isaac Shaw, MD, FAAEM
Program Director