Program Director Message

Mary Nan Mallory, MD

Louisville’s Emergency Medicine residency training program, initiated in 1972, is one of the pioneer programs in the country.  This longevity has afforded us the ability to preserve emergency medicine’s traditions while confidently and boldly shaping its future.

Our top-notch faculty has extensive knowledge on multiple areas of emergency medicine including toxicology, EMS, wilderness medicine, and ultrasonography.   All are active on international, national, regional, local or hospital levels and all are leaders.  But more importantly, our faculty remains present, visible and engaged in the teaching of our residents and committed to developing the best practice-ready trainees.

Our residents are cultivated in an environment that allows progressive responsibility.  Under the tutelage of attending physicians, the residents work in a connected, team-based milieu that allows shared accountability.  Learning is continuous and contemporaneous with mastery of skills necessary for success in emergency medicine.  Attendings will not command or control but will listen, guide, and encourage you to question.  You will be trained not just to exist in emergency medicine but also to excel and lead in emergency medicine.


Melissa Platt MD FACEP FAAEM

Program Director