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    James L. Bacon Jr (1938-2021)


    There are some people, whom we never meet, that inevitably impact our lives. There are some people, who by their very actions, set a path for us to travel. Dr. James Bacon Jr. was one of those people.  

    In 1972, Dr. Bacon joined the newly formed Louisville Emergency Outpatient Service as its first “resident”. He died on February 12, 2021 at the age of 82 years. As a devout Catholic and physician, he truly led a life of faith and service. I suspect that there must have been divine intervention to allow Dr. Bacon to take the leap of faith into a new specialty and a new program. 

    After some time in the military, Dr. Bacon began a surgical residency at the Mayo Clinic. Then, he switched to the infant specialty of emergency medicine here at the University of Louisville. He completed this residency in 1973. I wonder if he ever realized that by his courage and conviction to join our residency, he took up the emergency medicine baton that has been passed on for more than 40 years? His life of service reflects the values and convictions of a true emergency physician.  We, as a collective, are in his debt. 

    While his earthly journey has ended, the trail he helped forge is now well worn by hundreds of emergency medicine physicians.  We, humbly, say thank you and rest in peace. 

    Melissa Platt, M.D., Program Director

    Emergency Medicine