Housing & Travel Stipend Policy

  • Students and residents are required to have personal health insurance and usually need to have their own vehicle for transportation.
  • Students must wear their University issued IDs while on rotation.
  • Students/residents are not permitted to take pets with them on rotation when living in AHEC arranged housing.
  • Students/residents must have the written approval from the Course Director/Departmental Coordinator and the regional AHEC Office before changing a rotation site, date, or community faculty.
  • If approved changes are made less than four weeks prior to the start of the rotation, there is no guarantee as to the availability of housing and there will be a delay in the student or resident receiving housing and food dislocation stipend from the AHEC Office.
  • A student or resident must have a federal W-9 form on file with the University in order to receive a stipend for housing or travel from the AHEC office. This form is available from the AHEC Office and on the AHEC web site.

Stipends for Housing &Travel for AHEC Rotations:

  • If a student or resident commutes daily back and forth to their AHEC rotation site, they are NOT going to receive any stipend from the AHEC office for housing or travel.  The purpose of an AHEC rotation is to experience what it is like to practice in a rural and underserved part of Kentucky.  In certain circumstances, students or residents with hardship cases are allowed to practice in a commutable location to Louisville and thus will not receive a stipend.
  • Student or residents that travel out into the state to complete their rotations, will be given a housing stipend.  Student stipends are given to the Financial Aid office and they distribute the stipend via the Higher-One Credit card system.  The student is responsible for withdrawing the funds necessary from their Higher-One account and paying their housing host for their lodging while on a rotation.  Residents are reimbursed for their stipend AFTER they have compeleted their AHEC rotation via a University Travel Voucher.
  • AHEC rotations where a student or resident is housed with an approved housing host set up by the regional AHEC offices are paid a flat rate stipend of $400.00 for a 4 week rotation period.  Out of this $400.00, the housing host must be paid.
  • In March of 2014, the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) office made the decision, in conjunction with the student Financial Aid Office, to include the travel stipends on the AHEC STIPEND students receive on their Higher One cards.
  • Effective July 1, 2014, the Student Financial Aid Office will include the travel stipend on each student's Higher One card based on the rotation submissions from the AHEC Office. In the past students signed a travel voucher, but now their AHEC stipends will be paid via the Financial Aid office and the stipend will include housing and travel combined.
  • If a student/resident elects to live or stay with "Family or Friends" while out on rotation, they will NOT receive any stipend for food or housing.
  • Not All AHEC rotations qualify for travel reimbursement.  The amount of money you will receive in a travel reimbursement is dependent on the distance you travel from the Medical School to your rotation site.

The travel reimbursement is as follows:

Distance from the UofL Medical/Dental School to Rotation Site ( One-way only)

0-49 Miles = $0.00

50-74 Miles= $50.00

75-99 Miles = $75.00

100-124 Miles = $100.00

125-149 Miles = $125.00

150-174 Miles = $150.00

175-199 Miles = $175.00

200-224 Miles = $200.00

225-249 Miles = $225.00

250 & over      = $250.00

        • Students or residents completing rotations at AHEC sites scheduled for less than three weeks may not be eligible for the housing and travel allowance from the AHEC office regardless of whether the above guidelines are met.