AHEC Preceptors

Preceptors play an important and valued role in the overall educational process for students, and help them become successful practitioners and colleagues. If you are a healthcare professional that works in an underserved AHEC site, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the University of Louisville's Gratis Faculty Application and submit it to our Program office, or any AHEC regional Office for consideration.

Click here to open the Gratis Faculty Application form [PDF]

The University of Louisville's Family and Geriatric Medicine Department is one of seven clerkships through which students rotate. All 3rd year Medical Students are required to do a Family Medicine Rotation. It is with our generous preceptors, that we are able to find all of our students a confirmed rotation spot. Training sites are given a certificate to display in their offices to show patients that the Univeristy of Louisville has selected this site to teach our students. A picture of the certificate is below:

Training site Certificate

Dr. Donna Roberts from the Family & Geriatric Medicine Department at the University of Louisville, performs site visits to Preceptors in their offices across the state of Kentucky. Her visits promote a good standing between our preceptors and the Univeristy. Preceptors are very engaged in teaching our students, and they feel appreciated when they are recongnized for their time and effort. Dr. Roberts will provide a new preceptor with the following handout material upon her site visit. To read these articles, click on the title of the handout below:

To view the Family Medicine Preceptor Manual, click here: (Word Document)


to view the Family Medicine Clerkship Syllabus, click here: (Word Document)