AHEC Fact Sheet

Medical and Dental Students, as well as Residents that are requesting an AHEC rotation MUST complete the AHEC Fact Sheet.


  • Students/Residents complete the fact sheet, listing the discipline for their AHEC rotation along with their requested dates. Please list three AHEC regions (NW,SC,West,Purchase,NE, SE, Southern,NC) in the preference in which you would like to be placed. Sometimes, Preceptors are not available, or housing arrangements can not be made, so an alternative AHEC region is requested as backups.
  • Turn in the Fact Sheet to the AHEC Office, Room 225 of the Instructional B- Building. If the office is closed, please leave it in the marked envelope on the outside of our door.
  • The AHEC office will scan your fact sheet into the computer, and then email a copy of it to the UofL Departmental Coordiantor in the discipline in which you are requesting a rotation. A copy will also be sent at the same time to the regional AHEC coordinator so they can begin working to confirm you in your rotation.
  • When the Regional AHEC Coordinator gets the Student or Resident confirmed, they will notify the UofL department coordinator who will then, sign off on the fact sheet as approved (There is a spot on the fact sheet for the signature of the Departmental Coordinator) and send a signed copy over to the AHEC office. *DO NOT SEND FACT SHEET TO THE UOFL AHEC OFFICE UNTIL THE ROTATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED WITH THE REGIONAL AHEC COORDINATOR OUT IN THE STATE.
  • Along with the Student Affairs office, the AHEC office will keep track of what students have or still need to do the required AHEC rotations.
  • After all paperwork is received, the student will be released their AHEC stipend for food/housing via the Financial Aid Office to be distributed via their Higher One Card. In the case of a Resident, the stipend is paid on a Travel Voucher which is prepared in the AHEC office after the rotation is completed. The Resident will be contacted to come into the AHEC office to sign the travel voucher so payment can be made.

Fill out the AHEC Fact Sheet [PDF]