Guidelines and Policies

Student and Resident AHEC Rotations

  • Health Professions student eligibility for AHEC rotations is determined by the course coordinator or departmental coordinator.
  • Third and fourth year medical students may complete more than the required rotations at AHEC sites (as electives).
  • Every spring, the AHEC Office sponsors an AHEC Fair for all Health Professions students interested in doing an AHEC rotation.  Students should attend this fair to determine what sites and community faculty are available in each AHEC area and use this opportunity to speak with AHEC representatives from across the state.
  • Students should contact the AHEC departmental coordinator in the department where they are interested in completing their rotation.  The names and phone numbers of all coordinators are available below, in the Student Affairs Office or the AHEC Office.
  • Students complete the AHEC Fact Sheet where they will list the AHEC region that they want to do their rotation in.  Students are encouraged to list three regions in case the first choice is not available.  The Fact Sheet gives them the option to list a specific preceptor that they want to work with, but no guarantee can be given that that preceptor will be available.
  • Once a student completes the Fact Sheet, he/she should turn in the form to the AHEC Office.  The AHEC Office will then forward your request to the appropriate Regional AHEC office to set up your rotation.  A copy of your fact sheet is also sent to the UofL Department in the discipline you are requesting so that they are aware you are looking for a rotation as well.
  • Students should never contact a preceptor directly to set up a rotation.  Preceptors often work with students from multiple institutions and depend upon the AHEC coordinators to facilitate the scheduling of students.
  • Course directors and departmental coordinators should not refer students directly to AHEC clinical coordinators to set up rotations.
  • It is the department’s responsibility to set up and track student requests for rotations to avoid an overlap of two students with the same preceptor.
  • Once the location and community faculty are confirmed, the  AHEC Fact Sheet is signed off by the UofL departmental coordinator and sent to the  AHEC office so that student stipends can be calculated.
  • If eligible, students will receive a stipend for housing prior to the start of the rotation from the financial aid office.  This stipend is disbursed via the student's Higher One Card.
  • Students must bring a copy of their immunization record, picture ID, student ID and name tag with them to the AHEC site.
  • Upon completion of the rotation, the student must complete the AHEC assessment form and return it to the regional coordinator.
  • Departmental faculty and staff should work in partnership with the Faculty Affairs Office and AHEC to recruit and maintain an active base of preceptors to accommodate students without burdening existing preceptors.

Departmental Student Coordinators List

Departmental Student Coordinators List [PDF]