Fourth Year Rotations

Process for Choosing a Fourth Year Rotation

  • Students should identify the discipline in which to complete an AHEC rotation.
  • Contact the departmental coordinator in that discipline to make formal arrangements for the rotation.
  • IMPORTANT:  students must fill out an AHEC fact sheet for any and all rotations, whether they are commuting or staying in the region.  If the student changes rotation disciplines an amended fact sheet is required.
  • The AHEC Fact Sheet can be downloaded on our website. (See link on Left Side of Page)
  • Regional AHEC coordinators will make housing arrangements for the student if needed.
  • If eligible, students will receive a stipend for their rotation prior to the start of the rotation from the Office of Financial Affairs.
  • Students must bring a copy of their immunization record, picture ID, student ID and name tag with them to the AHEC site.
  • Upon completion of the rotation, each student will receive an e-mail directing them to complete an online AHEC CoursEval survey.  Although your name is kept anonymous in the survey, the results are collected for Federal Reporting purposes as well as used for feedback regarding your experiences.