Meet Your Cardinal Guides

We can't wait to welcome you to campus!

Cardinal Guides assist in our daily Campus Visit program and will lead the campus tour.

Andrea G.

 Andrea G Headshot

Major: Journalism
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Brendan K.

 Brendan K Headshot

Major: Political Science & Marketing
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Eric B.

Eric B Headshot 

Major: Anthropology & Biology
Hometown: Louisville, KY

Haden B.

Hayden B Headshot 

Major: Biology
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Haley G.

 Haley G Headshot

Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY

Hatch G.

Hatch G Headshot 

Major: Economics
Hometown: Evansville, IN

Kyah H.

 Kyah H Headshot

Major: Middle Ed. (English & Social Studies)
Hometown: Jones, MI

Lexi R.

Lexi R Headshot

Major: Political Science
Hometown: Campbellsville, KY

Lexy B.

Lexy B Headshot 

Major: Finance
Hometown: Cold Spring, KY

Logan R.

 Logan R Headshot

Major: Finance
Hometown: La Grange, KY

Matthew T.

Matthew T Headshot 

Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Newburgh, IN

Tania J.

 Tania J Headshot

Major: Communication
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Taryn K.

Taryn K Headshot 

Majors: Biology
Hometown: Glasgow, KY

Taylor M.

 Taylor M Headshot

Major: Political Science 
Hometown: Prospect, KY

Wyatt W.

Wyatt W Headshot 

Major: Individualized
Hometown: Mayfield, KY

Zach P.

 Zach P Headshot

Major: History & Political Science 
Hometown: Somerset, KY