John Meinzen

Mr. John Meinzen has developed 5 Advanced Placement courses including two AP Computer Science (CSP & CSA), two AP Calculus (AB & BC), and AP Statistics. He has been a Table Leader for the AP CSA Exam and a Reader for over 10 years. Mr. Meinzen created a Special Topics in Computing course 20 years ago that has been the foundation for his district's APCS-Principles course.

During his 25-year-teaching tenure, Mr. Meinzen has developed over 17 different high school math-related courses including 3 dual-credit courses; led 22 teachers as math department chair for 9 years; served on several state-level math standards committees; and served as an Illinois representative at the federal level.  His recognitions in Illinois and nationally include the ICTM Richard Rhode Award, Dr. Mary Ellen Verona Computational Science Teacher Leader Award, and Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. 

View Mr. Meinzen's complete vitae, including AP Scores, further involvement in AP, and international work in China.